How do I hang my tapestry? There are a variety of ways to hang your tapestry. One of the easiest ways is to take at least two nails, make sure they are level and nail them into the wall leaving part of the nails sticking out. Gently rest your tapestry on the nails. You can hide the nails by using the fibers.

Will the dye stain my wall? It is possible, however, I have had many tapestries on my wall and they have never left a mark. Keep your tapestry away from water because water will make it bleed.

What are the sizes for your tapestries?

Small - 48” wide & hangs 30”

Medium - 48” wide & hangs 48”

Large - 72” wide & hangs 30”

XL - 72” wide & hangs 48”

Doubles - 36” wide & hangs 48” (each tapestry)

Do you accept custom orders for your tapestries? I currently do not accept custom orders but I will in the future! Stay tuned!

The piece I wanted is gone. What do I do now? No worries! I can create the piece again but it will not be exactly the same. Since these are made by my hands, no two pieces will be alike. I can create the piece using the same patterns and dye but it will look slightly different than the original. If you are okay with that, then contact me through the site!

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